Geothermal staple quality how to identify

by:MPS     2020-10-12

at present most of the floor heating pipe installation is to use plastic nail fixed tube, geothermal card pin is divided into: a pair of tooth, two pairs of teeth, three pairs of teeth, and go down the steel nail using several types. Geothermal card pin factory mainly produces insulation nails, nail geothermal CARDS, nylon rods, etc. If you need any details please login

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'two pairs of teeth' geothermal card nailed the most obvious advantages, the use of its tooth mechanics, design the most reasonable, most upside down force. So, in the domestic and foreign professional floor heating construction units in the use of two pairs of teeth plastic nail.

'a' and 'three pairs of tooth' geothermal card pin for resistance to take off the drawing force and pulling force is too small, has now virtually eliminated by construction unit. While 'CARDS used with steel nail nails' is mainly used in the foamed cement as a thermal insulation layer of floor heating engineering.

'two pairs of teeth' plastic nail

so, how to identify the quality of the plastic card pin? Basically see the following several aspects of plastic nail performance:

1, hardness, card nail tip can smoothly into the aluminum foil paper and polystyrene.

2, toughness, card into the insulation layer after two pairs of teeth quickly open, in order to achieve maximum tension.

3, low temperature resistance, card pin should be 10 degrees Celsius below zero any folding, roll, twist, impact, can't fracture pressure, maintain the stability of the fixed performance.

4, inverted tooth Angle of mechanics is reasonable, if a man empties his tooth is too short, Enter the eps board did not change) , too hard, On the insulation layer) tied the two pit Too much, or inverted tooth spacing ( Cause at the time of hard tooth roll) It would thermal insulation layer, increased the staple usage, reduced the construction efficiency, unit costs rise.

plastic nail, can use for manual and mechanical two kinds:

by hand by hand directly with refers to the construction personnel nailed card inserted into the insulation layer, the usage of card pin considering construction personnel feel comfort, in order to improve construction efficiency.

machinery mainly refers to the card nail gun, construction with a nail gun, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, skilled card nailed the gunners construction can almost reach jogging speed; Card nail gun and most strict with plastic nail, size to be completely consistent, there cannot be an incomplete, because every plastic nail quality affect the use effect of staple gun.

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