Focus on 2010 & have spent Energy saving buildings in China will reach 50%

by:MPS     2020-08-09
The development of energy-efficient buildings advocate of green environmental protection is also constantly. < P> the kailuan group co. , LTD. , vice general manager of FuGuiXiang introduces, at present, new building materials company of kailuan group is discussed using fly ash to make new building materials technology, paper making, consider the horse fly ash comprehensive utilization of fly ash brick and other projects. These technologies have been relatively forming, there have been several domestic enterprises entered the stage of trial production. From the view of energy conservation and environmental protection, comprehensive utilization, enterprise development, the meaning of the new project is bigger, so the kailuan actively, strive to build a larger new industry. < / P> < P> kailuan coal mine every year to produce a large amount of solid wastes, namely coal gangue, coal gangue piled up land not only, and will discharge a large amount of SO2 gas, and dust, coal dust, raise at the same time, the air pollution is very serious. 8 tons standard, new building materials factory using gangue annual production of 100 million standard piece, would save more than 8000 tons of coal. < / P> < P> and the coal gangue sintered brick in the process of production, there will be a lot of waste heat generation, new building materials company to collect the residual heat up for winter heating and the heat can also to dry the wet tile, speed up the production cycle. < / P> < P> it is reported that the building energy efficiency in China will reach 50% by 2010. 411, more than ordinary clay brick is twice as low coefficient of thermal conductivity, winter so heat slowly, will reduce the heat loss, which can reduce the coal consumption used for heating, and reduce the loss of air conditioning air conditioning in summer, and can save electricity. This will bring great opportunity to new building materials company. 30000 yuan, the year may save money 250000 yuan. The second is to modify 70/60 type brick extruding machine. Due to 70/60 large brick extruding machine reamer diameter at a lower level, the larger resistance, high working current. After changed to 60/60 brick extruding machine, can reduce the crowded mud resistance, also reduces the working current. Three is on 1st and 2nd stage jaw broken material workshop equipped with smart saver, so about the saving electricity was above 6 degrees per hour. 80000 yuan. < / P> < P> new building materials impetus is helpful to society, the people's living standards have greatly improved. < / P>
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