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Floor heating tube 1 square meters how many geothermal card pin

by:MPS     2020-10-15

geothermal card nailed manufacturers talk about geothermal card problems:

tube 1 square meter of floor heating need how many geothermal card pin?

laying pipe per square meter of floor heating is to use card to the dosage of the nail has the following several factors:

1. Pipe material: PB pipe and PE RT tube pipe some relatively soft, use less than PE - X-ray tube;

2。 Insulation material: thermal insulation layer is the basis of nail fixed card, within a certain range, General floor heating insulation board density is not higher than 40 kg per cubic meter) The higher the foundation strength, the less they use qualified card pin number. For example: use the bulk density of polystyrene under 17 kilograms per cubic meter, it is a good card nail fixed because there is no solid foundation, use also increased substantially.

3。 Tubing length: because of the differences in temperature in different regions, the design of the heat load is different, use different pipe length. In northeastern China, for example: usually a square meter floor heating pipe laid more than 5 meters; In Shanghai laid about 3 meters can meet the heat load requirements.

4。 Geothermal staple quality: according to the law of conservation of energy, within the same thermal insulation layer and the length of pipe material, need fixed force is the same! Geothermal staple quality, the higher the less usage, the poor quality of geothermal staple as the low fixed force will need to increase the usage.

geothermal card pin?

how, basically see the indoor heat preservation do if indoor heat preservation heat preservation and substrate well, heating effect of each is the same.

how long a nail geothermal card?

straight pipe pipe clamp distance between 0. 5 - 0. Seven meters, bending section pipe clamp distance between 0. 2 - 0. 3 meters.

floor heating pipe fixed way mainly adopts geothermal card nailed to a fixed, the use of the card pin to make floor heating pipe fixed more rapid and convenient. Steel stud card are U design, u-shaped opening distance according to the diameter of the floor heating pipe to determine, is commonly 3. 5 - 4. 0 cm, slightly bigger than the staple of semicircle diameter, this design is mainly use the elasticity of the nail wire card itself, make card pin has a stretch of outward.

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