Floor heating card usage environment

by:MPS     2020-10-13

warm card pin features: high construction speed, because of its small density, light weight, easy handling and transportation.

material has the advantages of recycling, daily output, low cost, high efficiency, installation can save a lot of construction costs and shorten the installation date.

use the installation is simple, do not need professional technical operations staff construction.

card nail fixed after installation of floor heating does not affect the geothermal heat coefficient of the tube. With plastic material, the surface hardness and thermal expansion coefficient, don't touch bad wound tubes.

staple of floor heating standard: no damaged, no fly, no defective instruments.

hand clap, feel comfortable, when press the opponent doesn't hurt. Tip of the

good toughness, strong penetrating power and can easily penetrate the insulation blanket, agnail quickly opened and closed, firmly installed heat pipe.

in normal use 10℃— 60 ℃ environment using effect is stable, good entirety, folded up and down, left and right sides bending constantly to be beautiful, card pin height, width and thickness according to pipe diameter size.

package for bag, for 10000 only commonly, packing quantity can be ordered. ( Phi card pin, 20 10000 only about 9 kg weight)

staple of floor heating is mainly used for floor heating pipe fixed, the use of the card pin to make floor heating pipe fixed more rapid and convenient. Steel stud card are U design, u-shaped opening distance according to the diameter of the floor heating pipe to determine, is commonly 3. 5 - 4. 0 cm, slightly bigger than the staple of semicircle diameter, this design is mainly use the elasticity of the nail wire card itself, make card pin has a stretch of outward.

staple of floor heating construction, construction personnel to nail card U side by hand gently knead, make the staple of u-shaped opening distance is basically consistent with that of pipe diameter, and inserted along the wall in the foam cement or benzene board, relying on the wire itself outward tension wire and foam cement layer or benzene board to increase the friction, so as to prevent nail wire card from foamed cement layer or benzene board pop up in a purpose.

main use in floor heating construction from 16 or 20 floor heating tube, so the floor heating with card also basically with 16 or phi phi 20 ( The circular arc of the staple diameter) Give priority to. Because the foam cement layer or the thickness of benzene plate, generally at about 20 mm, coupled with the diameter of the floor heating pipe, so the open distance general design for the 3 card pin. 5 - 4. 0 cm, the card nailed on control the total length of 100 - 125mm。 Card nail openings through long, nail arc is stuck on the top can't closely contact with floor heating pipe, so that the card can't nail fixed pipe. Long staple openings through short, easy to cause nail with a foam cement layer or benzene board contact depth is not enough, the friction is reduced, so that the floor heating pipe fixed insufficient. So in floor heating construction according to their own actual situation to choose suitable openings nail length of card, in order to achieve the ideal effect of construction.

because there is no corresponding standard to norms of staple material parameters such as length, diameter, opening, so each manufacturer production specifications and number card pin is not regulated, and manufacturers generally USES his naming the products in a number of ways.

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