Fastener industry should pay attention to some problems

by:MPS     2020-07-19
One is a problem of raw materials and related technology lag behind. Fasteners, an important reason for the poor quality of the product is due to poor quality of raw materials and related technology lag behind. Such as cold heading steel wire rod cold heading steel is mainly used in the manufacture of bolts, nuts, rivets, tower bolt and other fasteners, its chemical composition, metallographic organization the demand is higher, the demand of about 1 million tons of cold heading steel, the auto industry need 100000 tons, but due to reasons such as technology, now only 300000 tons, domestic cold heading steel wire imported nearly 700000 tons every year. According to concerning sectional statistic, phi is 6. Need 5 mm below 150000 tons, phi 8 mm to 160000 tons, from 9 mm, 14 mm need 80000 tons each, the current domestic market demand. The second is the low level of technology and process equipment, can guarantee the consistency of product quality problems. Mechanical components are generally in a batch, a large number of products, also have many varieties, the machining accuracy requirements of products, production technology and the equipment requirements for high, large investment. Abroad with high efficiency and high precision of plane and line or flexible wire, efficient automated production. Three is the key to manufacturing and testing equipment, mechanical generic components of each parts size accuracy, performance, reliability and consistency of interchangeability requirement is very high, only allow extremely individual product super bad, and after inspection before they go out to weed out unqualified products, if you don't have high precision and high efficiency equipment, in the fierce competition in the enterprise is hard to survival and development. At present, the key equipment of spare parts manufacturing enterprises in China is mainly dependent on imports, due to equipment wear and consumption is larger, equipment need to constantly update and modification. The imported equipment and spare parts is expensive, if you want to speed up the industrial development, must solve the problem of key equipment as soon as possible. Four is the new product development speed. Machinery spare parts industry in our country in the aspect of technology innovation and new product development behind abroad a lot, especially small and medium-sized enterprises lack of technical strength and talents, lack of money and necessary equipment, more a lack of information about science and technology and technology exchange, the long-term tracking and imitation stage, few have their own intellectual property rights, at present not much research on product development, the enterprise have an independent research and development strength and very few, it is the key to the industry to continue to develop.
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