Extrusion type classification of nylon rods

by:MPS     2020-10-09

4 nylon. 6 ( Red brown) 4: compared with the ordinary nylon, nylon. 6 is the feature of rigid save power, good resistance to creep, in a wider temperature range, more heat aging, therefore, nylon 4. 6 for nylon 6, nylon 66, POM and PET in stiffness, creep and thermal aging, fatigue strength and wear resistance can not meet the requirements of the temperature field of the 'high' ( 80 - 150 ℃) Nylon 6 (

White) : the comprehensive performance of the material has, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical vibration and abrasion resistance. These features, coupled with good electrical insulating ability and chemical resistance, make the nylon 6 as a 'universal' materials, used in the mechanical structure parts and maintainable parts manufacturing.

nylon 66 ( Cream) : compared with nylon 6, the mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance and abrasion resistance, creep resistance is better, but the impact strength and mechanical damping performance degradation, is very suitable for the automatic lathe machining.

nylon 66 + GF30 ( Black) : compared with the pure nylon 66, nylon add this 30% glass fiber reinforced, heat resistance, strength and stiffness. Creep resistance and dimensional stability, wear-resisting performance were increased, allows the use of higher temperature.

nylon 66 + MOS2 ( A film) : this kind of nylon add the molybdenum disulfide, compared with nylon 66, its rigidity, hardness and size stability has improved, but the impact strength declined, molybdenum disulfide grain formation effect improves the crystalline structure, bearing materials and wear-resisting performance are improved.

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