Exterior wall with thermal insulation construction matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-06-29

insulation products can be installed in building the wall, also can be installed outside the wall. Mounted on the wall thermal insulation products should pay attention to do a good job in fixed should not only use the special adhesive, insulation nails, have to be used in construction also should pay attention to the following questions.

used in building outside wall heat preservation nail must choose carefully, because the exterior wall to contact with the nature of the weather, and all kinds of material, not only to ensure the corrosion and rust, to avoid the breaking, and so on and so forth. Therefore, we recommend you choose aluminum heat preservation nail, the heat preservation nail is divided into three parts, after the expansion can be firmly fixed, prevent slack. Aluminum production can prevent the corrosion and rust, has good heat preservation effect.

outer wall heat preservation nail installation, pay attention to the quantity of 7 - per square metre Nine, can not be too little, in order to avoid thermal insulation products fixed weak; Also cannot too much, prevent nail use too much, to reduce the performance of thermal insulation products. In addition, the outer wall heat preservation nail application, also convenient for you to regularly check to replace broken nails in time, ensure the fixed effect.

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