Exterior wall insulation construction, how to decorate nail?

by:MPS     2020-11-09

exterior wall insulation construction engineering, the scene not only need to prepare enough high quality thermal insulation board, also need to use heat preservation nail to achieve a fixed role. How, then, during the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation, the arrangement of the heat preservation nail?

let's look at the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation for heat preservation nail fixed number of arrangement. Generally, thermal insulation layer is 1 - 10th floor, the average per square metre need 6 bar; 11 - 20 layer insulation layer need seven / ㎡, 21 - 26 layer insulation layer need nine / ㎡. Note that area in 0. More than 1 ㎡ monolithic insulation board need to increase the quantity of heat preservation nail, according to the site condition to determine the specific shape and quantity. Under the eaves, Yang Angle and holes around the edge position need to increase the number of screws, appropriate for distance & le; 300 ㎜, & ge grassroots edge; 60㎜。

in various circumstances for heat preservation nail fixed quantity requirement, we take a look at heat preservation nail installation. After heat preservation plate paste on the wall, determine nail fixed position, dimension in determining the location of the drill hole in accordance with the relevant provisions, requirements into the depth of the wall above 7 ㎝, then fixed nail rod in insulation board, four ribs mesh in the insulation board, implant fixation screw the screw tube, tiejin insulation board, and then form a complete set of type plastic bulge nail operation is completed.

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