Exterior wall grid cloth and the role of heat preservation outside the wall

by:MPS     2020-06-20

external wall thermal insulation grid cloth specifications with unique environmental, weather resistance, anti-aging, etc, its strength and toughness has been to make people comfortable alternative to steel, wood, aluminum and other traditional building materials.

1, laser marking machine detection straight degrees: inspection of Yin and Yang Angle is straight, you can use the laser marking. Follow the pay-off device of vertical line, see if Yin and Yang Angle line and the type of vertical line overlap, if overlapping, illustrate the Yin and Yang Angle of qualified processing.

on the outer wall heat preservation processing, construction speed is slow, the corner of the impact resistance is poor, after long time of weathering, water seepage, result in the crack of the wall. Don't say during decorating the corner are easy to be dirty, is the corner in daily life is also very easy to dirty, the reason is very simple, because it is a bulge, who walk also can't always so carefully, over time by the body contact for a long time, don't think dirty very difficult.

2, square founder detection of Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang square is a common tool for detection of Yin and Yang Angle deviation Angle of inside and outside. Using the multi-function rectangular test feet inside and outside wall can be detected (inside and outside Yin and Yang) Right Angle deviation, deviation value of ordinary plaster walls commonly 4 mm, brick surface deviation degree is 2 mm.

outer wall heat preservation nail of exterior wall thermal insulation system is mainly used for the insulation board is fixed, plastic expansion insulation nails, divided into a variety of specifications, according to the thermal insulation layer of thick, widely used in architectural decoration. Widely used in thermal insulation on the insulation of the building.

when used to pull activities' rotated 270 degrees, the pointer on the '0', and then on the Yin and Yang Angle measurement, the measurement, the reading on the reading test scale, pointer exponent value is measured by the vertical deviation.

1, metope is usually a single color, different pattern color of the ornament of corner protector can play a role.

has anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, anti-corrosion, cold heat; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile performance; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture, vibration, absorb noise and good insulation characteristics, easy to install. Heat preservation nail is insulation board fixed on the wall of a kind of special engineering plastic bolts.

2, have kids and then ran home at ordinary times, avoid bump into a corner, the corner protector for round has certain buffer action. 3, avoid moving furniture peace accidentally knock against the corner of the room. Families with children, more attention should be paid to the corner, the purpose is not to protect the corner, but to protect children. Children are generally more naughty, likes to hurl jump, and the hard corner will often let them from laughter to pain and injury, so families with children also want to consider the wall corner protector.

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