Exterior insulation heat preservation material such as nail problem interpretation to the construction site

by:MPS     2020-06-30

exterior insulation construction site materials interpretation problem driven by the interests of the market, some irresponsible companies think they know the knowledge of external thermal insulation technology, in the external thermal insulation technology is still not fully grasp the situation and hurried on, in the business is not thinking about how to improve their product quality, performance, how to improve their service system, but for the immediate interests, rushed to put some unqualified products applied to the exterior insulation, lead to many engineering quality problems in engineering. 1, external thermal insulation adhesive: is throughout the entire system of the core material, its performance is the key to EPS plate adhesion and water resistance, crack resistance, weather resistance and durability. Selected the main component of adhesive in the pure c dilute acid resin emulsion of silica sand and aggregate is particularly important to ensure the safety of the use of external thermal insulation system of plays a vital role. In dilute acid resin adhesives have the effect of water proof, weather resistance, dilute acid c how many crack resistance effect of resin content, silica sand, the effect was enhanced adhesion in aggregate.

the adhesive of external thermal insulation market currently used mostly for the adhesive with low cost low quality, it does not guarantee that the crack resistance and durability of external thermal insulation system, in order to reduce the cost of the resin content is low or without the use of pure c dilute acid resin. Silica sand used in aggregate is untreated river sand and iron ordinary quartz sand, iron composition is higher, easy oxidation reaction, damage of the adhesive resin emulsion, gradual decline in the index of its performance. Crack, fall off the external thermal insulation system is one of the most main reason. Magna cum laude resin emulsion adhesive should choose pure c dilute acid and without iron, silica sand, can ensure the safety of external thermal insulation system use fixed number of year. 2, EPS board: to value the quality of insulation board is not enough, did not reach the natural curing aging six weeks, used in engineering, causing shrinkage rate is high, the partial uneven shrinkage and temperature difference stress, causing cracks between joints. Strict control to deal with the quality of the insulation board insulation board of coefficient of thermal conductivity and mechanical properties is closely related to the density, density of shoulds not be too big. Control the density of insulation board range, basically can control its coefficient of thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, can guarantee the stability of EPS board size. 3, glass fiber grid cloth, glass fiber mesh anti-crack reinforced plaster layer used in glass fiber grid cloth, such as cheap inferior products, will directly affect the impact resistance of coating layer. Alkali resistance is poor, the long-term corrosion by alkaline cement in the coating layer, lower the tensile strength, crack of plastering layer and stripping phenomena. 4, exterior insulation layer: because the external thermal insulation system on design of the particularity of its structure, act the role of the surface also has the corresponding technical requirements, not allowed to use on the building physical unreasonable airtight elastic coatings and coating is rigid inorganic coatings, easy cracking and unsafe ceramic tile on the construction mechanics as a material of facing of external thermal insulation.

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