'Energy saving building' implementation of problem again

by:MPS     2020-08-16
Buildings energy consumption easy to ignore the < P> 'breathing'? Dents 'nose' and stick out of the 'reach' can absorb sunlight and store rainwater and 'breathing' natural air, also can spray cooling in summer, insist on indoor cool. Architecture is a vacuum flask? < / P> < P> in the Shanghai world expo, energy-efficient buildings like this everywhere, presages a world architecture in the future to carry out the 'barometer'. < / P> < P> 'energy saving, energy saving, energy saving. 'Since last year after the Copenhagen conference, energy saving has become the social economy to develop one of the main melody, across central and accountability to complete the' 11th five-year plan 'energy saving purpose. And now, the building energy consumption has accounted for the total energy cost of 27. 5%, building energy efficiency and industrial energy conservation, transportation, energy conservation, become one of the three largest category of energy conservation. 'Build a glass cover, the steel arm, empty building body. 'Many buildings to pursue benefit maximization, reduce the metope, choose more looks lightsome bright, but it is not insulated from the cold glass curtain wall design. Market to promote a 'obstacle' of real estate developers, whether the wall thermal insulation technology or a water source heat pump and ground source heat pump technology, means the increase of capital investment, less hundreds of thousands of yuan, many millions of dollars. < / P> < P> demand point out is, the current building energy efficiency standard in our country is still imperfect < / P> < P> technology not perfect is also introduced in the process of 'obstacle'. < / P> < P> < / P>
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