Energy-efficient buildings need high quality thermal insulation material

by:MPS     2020-08-04
< P> the expert thinks, polyurethane foam combustion produces toxic gases, are not immutable, more is not necessarily, it mainly depends on polyurethane foam structure, as well as what flame retardant and smoke suppression agents; Through the scientific method, completely can be developed into products of combustion smoke density is small, low toxicity of polyurethane foam products. < / P> < P> polyurethane is a kind of containing repeating carbamate polymer chain segment. In recent 20 years, the average growth rate of polyurethane by more than 12%, some varieties has reached more than 20%, on the building energy efficiency and application made amazing progress, especially in the construction of heat preservation, in recent years has become important, known as thermal insulation material, but the flammability of polyurethane questioned by the public. In order to ensure the safety use of polyurethane on the building to, some enterprises and professionals began to research on the fire safety performance of the polyurethane, make pu the excellent heat preservation material more practical, the present study has made breakthrough progress. Some experts believe that pu can do energy saving and safety. < / P> < P> 1。 The application of polyurethane rigid foam < / P> < P> polyurethane foam can be divided into rigid foam ( Hard bubble) , soft foam ( The soft) And semi-rigid foam. At present, the construction of heat preservation, adiabatic mainly used hard foam, soft polyurethane foams are also have use, but the limitation is very big. Therefore, in the aspect of building insulation there are two main forms of hard foam. 1) type spraying hard bubble. Mainly used in roof insulation heat preservation, cold storage, building external wall thermal insulation, etc. To practice is to pass the mixing polyurethane material injection to the insulation substrate, reach the substrate material (in an instant Usually in 3 ~ 6 seconds) Rapid expansion foam, form the insulating layer. This construction is very convenient, can according to the different shapes to produce insulation layer. Its raw material transport is very convenient, because it is liquid, in front of the foaming foam volume can reach 30 times or so. This avoids heat preservation material transport problems caused by the huge volume. In addition, its adhesion is very strong, most building materials ( Such as cement, steel, wood, etc. ) After spraying by it, it is hard to foam stripping, often can achieve coherence structure ( The foam, and won't be peeled off from the bond interface) 。 (2) hard molded foam. Mainly used as heat pipe, insulation sandwich board, solar energy and other aspects. This construction can be prefabricated in the factory, also can be in the construction site processing; The way of pouring can use mechanical equipment, also can use manual way. Usually have a fixed mould or jig, casting in the mold cavity, foam thermal insulation layer is formed after curing. < / P> < P> 2。 Exterior wall insulation construction method < / P> < P> in recent years, the increasing demand for energy saving construction in our country, and promote a whole wall thermal insulation. Insulation construction has two methods: wet process ( Adhesives used in heat preservation material plate is glued on the outside walls, with further outside protective layer of cement mortar and plaster, etc. ) And dry process ( The pu exterior wall insulation board construction) 。 Dry process more popular in European countries, compared with wet processes it has the following characteristics: (1) the construction is convenient. Simple and easy to installation. (2) suitable for extensive. In the old and new, can be used on metope and wet process can only be used for new building facades. (3) light. Polyurethane external wall insulation board the quality of the light, about 3 kg per square metre. (4) more functional. Can heat preservation ( Themselves with good outer protective layer) , have adornment effect. < / P>
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