Energy-efficient buildings need high quality thermal insulation material

by:MPS     2020-08-04
< P> 3。 Pu technical progress in fire safety performance of the new < / P> < P> as I mentioned earlier, polyurethane rigid foam is mainly used in energy-saving building insulation, only from the thermal insulation performance, the advantage of polyurethane rigid foam, it can avoid crevices or cold ( Hot) Bridge, and its special processing performance is also what many heat preservation material does not have, it can be directly determine the space foam, is more reliable than the artificial filling method and full, firm, still can save labor costs, improve working efficiency. In addition, most of rigid polyurethane with the building materials ( Such as cement, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc. ) Has good bond strength, and no longer need to repeated bond; Can also produces good protection to be insulation base material, in order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon such as corrosion. < / P> < P> however, the weakness of the polyurethane also exist, that is the lack of heat resistant and flame retardant properties. At present, many enterprises and experts for fire safety performance of polyurethane (pu) has done a lot of research work, and make polyurethane in refractory, protective security technology has achieved gratifying. Expert introduction: (1) Shanghai fine contact trade company developed into a high oxygen index, small flame propagation sex, smoke, low toxicity and good flame resistance and flame resistance through the power of the flame retardant polyurethane hard foam. (2) the nanjing institute of sihuan developed into a kind of halogen-free flame retardant polyether, and successfully applied to the polyurethane soft and hard foam, has realized industrialization and marketization. (3) in jiangsu province chemical industry research institute developed into flame retardant polyurethane hard foam and retinol polyester polyol, nanjing kang DE series, the company has realized the aromatic polyester polyol guangzhou teng PU lang company has developed into a flame retardant polyurethane hard foam composite material. (4) sichuan, Beijing polytechnic university, university of China in macromolecule flame retardant and fire science research has made remarkable achievements. < / P> < P> 4。 Fire safety performance of polyurethane rigid foam < / P> < P> the combustion mechanism of polyurethane hard foam, form a layer of carbide in the condensed phase surface, the carbide layer can effectively inhibit gas instead should area and heat transmission from the high temperature reaction products to the solid phase, the shielding effect of heat transfer, thus reducing flame spread rate. Therefore, the measures of flame retardant polyurethane hard foam mainly, reduce the condensed phase decomposition reaction rate, increase the density of carbide layer and the thickness, and using the PIR ( Gather different melamine urea acid ester structure) Foam and chemical or physical expansion type flame retardant agent and flame retardant molecular structure of polyurethane hard foam, it can improve the flame retardant effect of surface carbide layer. < / P> < P> bubble combustion produces toxic gases, are not immutable, more is not necessarily, it mainly depends on polyurethane foam structure, as well as what flame retardant and smoke suppression agents; Through the scientific method, completely can be developed into products of combustion smoke density is small, low toxicity of polyurethane foam products. < / P> < P> 5。 The application prospect of polyurethane rigid foam < / P> < P> introduce according to professional personage, according to the distribution in the field of polyurethane application, polyurethane hard foam used in developed countries the first of the list is the construction industry, and in the construction industry in China in second place. In the next few years, the construction industry will be the first big market polyurethane hard foam. These are all depending on the excellent properties of polyurethane hard foam and practical economy; Is on the other hand, energy saving construction in our country is a huge market, can reveal the characteristics of the polyurethane hard foam: (1) low thermal conductivity, heat preservation performance is good. Can and need to heat preservation of building base material has good bondability. In addition, has the very good sound insulation and resistance to aging performance. (2) processing method is convenient, unique. This unique reflect before processing it is liquid, to avoid a lot of the expansion body heat preservation material not cost-effective transport. In addition, you can directly foam at the scene, to avoid the stitching bonding with other materials. (3) good application efficiency. Though polyurethane material price is higher, but the transportation of low cost, high construction efficiency, both anti-corrosion performance, such as to reduce or cancel the operation maintenance cost. < / P> < P> according to the statistics, building palisade structure heat preservation performance is generally low in our country, our country building close to the energy consumption per unit area than climate conditions of 2 ~ 5 times higher than that of developed countries. It is because of these reasons, thermal insulation material market in China is widening, polyurethane rigid foam solve the deficiency of the heat resistant and flame retardant performance, it is energy saving construction need high quality thermal insulation material. < / P> < P> BianHou of housing and urban-rural development put forward the overall goal of building energy efficiency: in 2010 new buildings in cities and towns across the country to realize the energy saving 50%; Big cities for the modification of the existing building energy efficiency 25% complete, medium-sized city 15% complete, small city completed 10%; To the economically developed coastal areas in the north and 2020 new building energy saving 65%. Relevant data show that Europe and the United States and other developed countries about 49% using polyurethane building insulation materials. Therefore, the high quality thermal insulation material, is the guarantee of building energy efficiency. In this paper, the combustion mechanism of polyurethane material and fireproof performance has carried on the detailed explanation, to expand the application of pu heat preservation material in construction, puts forward the effective basis for the fire safety aspects. < / P>
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