Energy conservation industry development planning on & have spent Building energy efficiency into most heat field

by:MPS     2020-07-20
< P> a few days ago, led by the National Development and Reform Commission to draft the energy conservation and environmental protection industry development planning ( Draft) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'plan') Three rounds for advice program has been all over, entered the countdown stage before formally launched. For the planning, common gave high attention from all walks of life, and had high hopes. China environmental protection industry association Wang Xinfang said, 'the plan' will clear the development goal of the environmental protection industry, preferential policies, the development of industry, such as important content, which laid a foundation for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry policy in China, will effectively promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. 'Therefore, I believe, as the' planning 'formally launched, energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China will have a rare historical opportunity. '< / P> < P> at present, China's energy industry has formed four major areas, namely, industrial, building, transportation and energy saving of energy conservation, energy saving life. Building energy conservation is regarded as the most heat field, in our country, building energy consumption accounts for over 27% of the total energy consumption, but also on the increase at an annual rate of 1%. Construction ministry figures show that China's new housing construction area of nearly 2 billion square meters, each year more than 80% for high energy consumption building; Existing buildings of nearly 40 billion square meters, more than 95% of the building is high energy consumption. New buildings in our country has a basic implementation according to the energy conservation design standard, the proportion is as high as 95. 7%, while the construction stage to perform the proportion of energy conservation design standard is only 53. 8%. Building energy conservation transformation and technology update still has great space. < / P> < P> as green buildings, energy saving residential concept popular in the market, such as intelligent building going green energy-saving road has no doubt. For our country, whether it is the reality of resource, environment stress, or the people living environment, the urgent request of comfort and building energy conservation is the expectation. Objectively speaking, our country building energy efficiency market prospects, but also face the system and mechanism is not perfect, large funding gap, ideas, and many other practical problems. But the good news is that, at present the country and society for green building more and more attention. All kinds of corresponding policies and measures are introduced. And enthusiasm of concern from all walks of life also in unceasing enhancement, various analysis, Suggestions on perfecting and supplement national policy plays a positive role. < / P> < P> < / P>
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