Energy conservation and emissions reduction as indicator, building energy efficiency become a big trend

by:MPS     2020-07-20
< P> become a bellwether for energy conservation and emissions reduction, building energy efficiency become the big trend: the current energy conservation and emissions reduction has become a basic national policy of our country, it is need to improve the quality of economic growth, and act as a responsible big country of its obligations. Energy conservation and environmental protection industry has become one of China's seven major strategic emerging industry, and is one of the key one of the four 'pillars' of the development of the industry. Building energy consumption accounts for nearly thirty percent of the total energy consumption in our country, to become the key areas of energy saving and emission reduction. Glass become one of the main building energy conservation, and at the same time benefit from rapid development of photovoltaic industry: doors and Windows in the energy consumption is a key component of the glass, is expected in 2010 China's LOW E glass demand in 97 million square metre, but according to our country the long-term energy saving special planning goals, five years later, in 2012, namely public buildings and residential LOW E glass using total will reach 148 million square meters ( Mainly for LOW E hollow glass and LOW E hollow glass curtain wall) , with an average annual growth of about 55% demand. Energy saving glass is huge gap between supply and demand, industry technology is complex, relatively high barriers to entry, long-term industry boom will be maintained. At the same time, we expect the next ten years solar cells, the compound annual growth rate will reach 30%, which will drive the rapid growth of glass industry, related we remain optimistic about the prospects for photovoltaic glass. < / P> < P> energy-saving wall of plasterboard and construction steel structure will have rapid growth: plasterboard whole process from production, installation to use energy conservation and environmental protection products, can greatly reduce the energy consumption and co2 emissions, as countries strongly encourage the use of new building materials products. Especially in the city, become interior space partition, blame main wall material of choice, in a series of forbidden real limit sticky government policy, driven by plasterboard application domain expands unceasingly. After our country plasterboard is more than 30% of the sales growth, expected in the next decade to remain at 10% The rapid growth of 20%, in 2015 is expected to reach 3 billion square meters or so. Construction steel structure is a new kind of energy conservation and environmental protection, recycling the most efficient structure, known as the 'green building' in the 21st century, at present the national steel production year 1% growth estimates, by 2015, the national steel output will reach 5. 3. 6 billion tons, according to the amount of construction steel structure steel iron and steel production, 6% of the proportion of measuring steel weight of the Chinese Olympic ShiGang structure will break through 32 million tons, is the current level is expected to grow 47%, would be a steel structure market capacity of nearly 210 billion yuan. < / P> < P> building energy-saving services industry inflection point looms: according to statistics, more than 2009 scale complete energy-saving services industry output value is about 587. 6. 8 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth is 40. 83%. We assume that the energy conservation service industry in our country for the next three years of growth can maintain at about 50%, so the energy conservation service industry output value of 2010 will exceed 80 billion yuan, and will be close to $200 billion by 2012. In the stable under the condition of energy conservation service industry structure in China, building energy conservation in our country industry output value will be close to $30 billion in 2010, in 2012 reached 66. 4 billion yuan, the size of the building energy efficiency service market is very huge. Along with the national policy to promote and contract energy management mechanism, building energy conservation service industry spring has come. < / P>
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