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Energy conservation action is worth more than the energy saving consciousness

by:MPS     2020-08-04
Not long ago, the NBS survey office in Shanghai of 1000 Shanghai urban families energy-saving special investigation. The content of the investigation there is an energy saving consciousness, the results showed that 94% of households have argued that there are energy saving potential in our daily life. Among them, 65. 4% of households think has potential in buying energy-efficient products, 60. 4% believe in electricity and energy saving potential, 53. 3% think that there is an energy saving in water potential, 39. 7% think that has energy saving potential in gas. The results show that the Shanghai citizens have a higher environmental protection consciousness, have strong energy saving. However, the environmental protection consciousness and energy saving will does not directly into water, electricity, coal, also need in daily life we have a solid lasting energy saving action. Such as in the survey found that the higher income families and relatively low family income, senior young families and families, in terms of water and electricity coal consumption difference is bigger, the former's spending a lot more than the latter. So to say energy saving, high income, young families have more things to do. Advocate the premise of saving energy is, of course, not lower the quality of life, but should know that everyone have the freedom of consumption, no waste of power. High income, is don't have to worry about water and electricity coal costs, economically affordable completely, but that doesn't mean don't need to save. Energy conservation and emissions reduction, and style of life is not a contradiction, let alone the world, energy conservation and emissions reduction is in itself a kind of fashion. High income and young families, therefore, not only on energy saving consciousness, energy conservation and willingness to take energy-saving measures as soon as possible, and immediately take action.
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