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Duct insulation blanket connected by heat preservation nail fixed rules

by:MPS     2020-11-19

in the duct insulation blanket insulation construction, connect with insulation nails fixed is common, what are the rules in this regard need to pay attention to? Let's look at it.

nail insulation and duct, parts, and equipment on the surface of the connection, can adopt the way of adhesive or welding, to ensure that the combination of strong, can't fall off; We must keep the duct of flat after welding is complete, at the same time also can not influence the anti-corrosion performance of galvanized steel. If it is used on rectangular duct and equipment insulation nails, to maintain the uniform, should pay attention to the distribution of the nail in number, the number of every square metre underside shall not be less than 16, the profile should not be less than 10, top surface should not be less than 8. First line insulation nails into the duct or the edge of the distance of insulating material not less than 120 mm.

in addition to the above two points, we also should pay attention to the thickness of the insulation blanket duct flange parts cannot be lower than 0 duct insulation blanket. Eight times. Insulation of flat-fell seam with moisture vapor heat insulation layer, the need to use glue to seal, the glue belt width should be no less than 50 mm, construction personnel have to take strong guarantee the glue paste on the moistureproof layer, there can be no expansion crack and fall off.

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