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Domestic exterior insulation

by:MPS     2020-08-08
< P> ( 1) Puts polystyrene board exterior die inside, and assisted by anchor bolt is fixed, and the cast-in-place reinforced concrete wall, after dismantle the same on the outside of polystyrene production enhancement layer and glass fiber grid cloth surface. Such practices advantage is insulation board with civil engineering construction. But fixed lead to thermal bridge, details such as door, window position is not easy to handle, often in this cause failure. When open mold, also easy cause damage to the polyphenyl board face. ( 2) Rock wool board type thin plaster. Need to paste additional fixed method of fixed insulation board. The current domestic application also not much, the price also is on the high side. Rock wool is after absorbing moisture absorption heat preservation performance and strength will reduce, use this kind of heat preservation material should regard the thermal moistureproof and checking calculation of strict regional climate condition, the permeability of system of all material requirements are higher. But as a result of its non-combustible fireproof performance, along with our country the building fire prevention requirements to further improve, estimates will be widely used as Europe ( German rules more than 22 meters building must use non-combustible insulation materials) 。 ( 3) With abdominal silk penetrate type steel wire rack of polystyrene as insulation materials, on exterior mould inside, and the anchor bar hook tight wire mesh as auxiliary anchor measures and cast-in-place reinforced concrete, polystyrene board exterior surface on crack resistance of cement mortar covered steel wire mesh, this is thick plaster model. ( 4) With abdominal silk non penetrating steel wire rack of polystyrene as insulation materials, with a card or wall embedded parts and fixed on the wall at the grass-roots level, outside surface of steel wire mesh on crack resistance of cement mortar coverage, also is thick plaster model. The two practices also have too much heat bridge, detail parts can't handle. Thick plaster model than thin plaster model more cracking hidden dangers. ( 5) The class of insulation mortar. Recycled plastic foam smashed, and emulsion mixing into cement and a certain amount of insulation mortar, use knife to wall plastering on to a certain thickness, after drying to produce glass fiber grid cloth reinforced layer on the surface and ACTS the role of the surface. Such practices outside heat preservation performance is inferior to stick eps board, and because it is in the site ingredients, mixing materials, mortar heat conduction coefficient of variation is big, heat preservation performance is not uniform. < / P>
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