Do you know about heat preservation nail?

by:MPS     2020-11-18

in the construction of building insulation, all kinds of insulation pipe and roll mat is absolutely leading role, but we also cannot ignore these & heat preservation nail other Supporting small & throughout; , in the whole project, their role is also nots allow to ignore. Then again, you to these and other Supporting small & throughout; To understand how much?

in general, we used in thermal insulation construction of thermal insulation nails, is mostly special engineering plastic bolts, it is the anchoring of exterior wall thermal insulation is special, there are three main parts: nylon casing, casing made of galvanized steel screws and nylon disc before casing ( Used to gland insulation board) 。 This is not fixed the length of the thermal insulation products, models complete, the general choose according to the thickness of the insulation board and roll mat.

exterior wall thermal insulation construction of fixed pieces, since it is the natural is used in architectural decoration. Heat preservation nail has a good anti-aging, temperature shock resistance and hardy heat-resistant properties, so whether it's summer or as a bitter winter, you don't have to worry about it will lose its effect. It moistureproof, excellent performance of heat insulation and guarantee its safety coefficient, and delay performance of vibration, so even if living in such an earthquake-prone area also need not worry about project quality.

such fine performance of thermal insulation products, our factory have sales, welcome to our factory to choose!

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