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Disable of flammable building insulation materials will rise to the legal level

by:MPS     2020-08-11
< P> for a flammable building insulation materials such as polyurethane, fire department formulated the regulations in a timely manner, not allowed to use this kind of material, banning the use of combustible materials is mandatory, regulation is not without effect, file, these fires had presented the downward trend over the years. But I haven't become the national laws, so we are now ready to, to rise to the legal level of the content of the rules. < / P> < P> even without a polyurethane foam, defend the net was lit, as long as there is fuel and oxygen, the fire will spread, but not so fast. Another big hidden trouble of polyurethane material is its strong toxicity, after the material light will release toxic materials such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, even more carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride toxic is 20 times higher. < / P>
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