Corrosion environment can use heat preservation nail?

by:MPS     2020-11-19

insulation products are used in many buildings, to achieve a fixed effect, heat preservation nail is an indispensable auxiliary materials in the thermal insulation engineering, corrosion environment has influence on many items, corrosion environment can be used to heat preservation nail?

corrosion environment can be used to heat preservation nail, but the heat preservation nail production material has certain requirements. Currently on the market to sell heat preservation nail has two kinds of aluminum and plastic, plastic heat preservation nail production costs low, sale price is also low, simple and convenient use, therefore was welcomed by many construction units. But plastic is not corrosion, so it cannot be applied in corrosion environment, such as chemical plants, etc.

aluminum bar is made from aluminum, aluminum surface with a layer of dense oxide film, this layer of oxide film can protect the corrosive substance is close to internal aluminum, help manufacturers have anti-corrosion effect. Such aluminum heat preservation nail can be used in corrosive environment, and its production cost and sales price is not high, is the manufacturers recommend you buy the product.

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