Construction of exterior wall thermal insulation material: phenolic resin insulation materials

by:MPS     2020-07-21
< P> phenolic foam, known as the 'king of the heat preservation material' the laudatory name, is a new generation of insulation fire insulation materials. At present, in the developed countries of phenolic foam material has developed rapidly, has been widely used in construction, national defense, foreign trade, storage, energy and other fields. Sound insulation foam used in the construction industry in the United States, phenolic materials have accounted for 40%; Japan also has been established for phenolic foam popularization association to promote the new material. Phenolic resin is phenol and formaldehyde polycondensation, and the foaming phenolic resin after curing foaming, basic no harmful substances. Phenolic foam is a macromolecule organic rigid aluminum foil foam products, is composed of thermosetting phenolic resin foam, it has a light, fire prevention, fire burning, smokeless, non-toxic, no drip, using temperature surrounded wide ( - - - - - - 196~+200℃) Contractive, not embrittlement under different temperature conditions, is the ideal thermal insulation materials, hvac refrigeration engineering because of phenolic foam obturator rate is high, the low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, water resistance and water vapor permeability, is the ideal heat preservation and heat insulation material. Because of phenol with benzene ring structure size stability, rate < 1%. And chemical stability, corrosion anti-aging, especially the ability of organic solution, acid, weak alkali corrosion. Blowing agent in the foaming production process without freon do in line with international environmental standards, and its molecular structure containing hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, pyrolysis, spilled gas non-toxic, tasteless, harmless to human body and environment, accord with national green environmental protection requirements. Therefore, phenolic composite board is ideal for fire prevention, thermal insulation, energy saving, beautiful green environmental protection heat preservation material. Phenolic foam or internationally recognized among the most promising a new thermal insulation material. Because, this kind of new material and usually rely on polymer resin flame retardant materials have different nature, in the fire is not burning, not melt, wouldn't be sending out toxic fumes, and have light, non-toxic, non-corrosive, heat preservation, and the advantages of energy-saving, sound insulation, and low price, and don't use freon foam, no environmental pollution, good processability, construction is convenient, its comprehensive performance is currently unmatched by all kinds of insulation materials. < / P>
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