Chemical bolts and expansion bolt and what's the difference

by:MPS     2020-07-23
Expansion bolt and chemical bolt is according to the connection points, in the form of concrete, expansion bolts into concrete by physical way, and the compact connection, bolt and forced by the state within the concrete expansion. Chemical bolt is the use of chemicals and bolts and concrete surface, chemical reaction, make two person are closely linked. High strength bolt is according to the material points in the bolt, high strength bolt is mainly used for anchor bolt, or device, ultimate strength is quite high. Hex bolt is according to the style of the bolt. The difference between chemical bolts and expansion bolt stress free, and the latter has the stress, which can result in stress concentration in the concrete, which greatly increase the damage probability, structure is safe. So now basically has been banned in the design of curtain wall and so on, if want to plan approval expansion bolt is must pass it.
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