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Can we arrange the insulation washers shipment by ourselves or by our agent?
If you would like to arrange the insulation washers shipments, please contact us. Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. understands that in terms of transportation, you want your goods to be delivered safely, on time, and competitively. Regarding shipping, we are here and make every decision to help you and us save or make money.

Being one of the leaders in the domestic market, MPS Hardware is known for excellence in manufacturing quality silica texturized fabrics. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of insulation screws for customers. The creation of MPS self locking washers strictly complies with international electrical principles. It is manufactured conforming CE mark, GE mark, EMC standards, etc. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors. This product is breathable to some extent. It is able to regulate skin wettedness, which is directly related to the physiological comfort. The product is of the highest level of stability, reaching the international standard.

MPS believes that insulation screws brings with it a responsibility to give back to the world. Please contact us!
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