Can only use the insulation heat preservation engineering nail

by:MPS     2020-08-22

the temperature continues to decline, recently more and more manufacturers began to plant and workshop to install insulation board and insulation blanket. In the thermal insulation engineering, heat preservation nail as fixed elements are indispensable, want to know some friends, using heat preservation nail can be alone?

heat preservation nail is mostly made of aluminum processing, therefore, its corrosion resistance is stronger, and will not rust, good thermal insulation performance, has a good effect in house heat preservation project, is welcome by the construction unit of fixed components. But for the heat preservation engineering quality, ensure the installation on the insulation board and insulation roll mat can be stronger, we do not recommend in thermal insulation engineering using only fixed fixed nail this kind of heat preservation.

thermal insulation engineering construction unit has rich production experience for many years, so we suggest during the construction of heat preservation, the use of thermal insulation nails and special glue two fixed materials. In the sheet or roll mat with insulation glue after fixed on the wall, to use more heat preservation nail further fixed, so as to ensure its stability.

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