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Buy insulation nails, you should pay attention to these problems

by:MPS     2020-11-18

the cold winter is coming, the temperature drops, the more snow, whether life or production, warm have become an important thing, thermal insulation material market present a boom, but a lot of consumer to bar for this product is not very understanding, so here remind you that our factory buy insulation nails, you should pay attention to these problems.

we remind you the first thing is to buy a number of problems. Construction area of the heat preservation plate is fixed, so the amount of heat preservation nail is also limited, computing method is multiplied by the total area according to the amount of use of every square metre. Because of limited the scope of application of thermal insulation nails, buy too much useless, so when it's in the measurement area was serious. In addition to the number of questions, you also need to pay attention to appearance, the shape of the nail has a square, circular, etc. , you can choose according to his be fond of. There is quality problem, usually, our factory suggest you don't choose the product of small manufacturer, the big brands whether quality or after-sale, are guaranteed.

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