Building exterior wall thermal insulation construction good helper is heat preservation nail

by:MPS     2020-11-16

in the building's exterior wall insulation construction, in addition to the different thermal insulation board, insulation nails is not lack of material, it is a good helper of thermal insulation construction of plank.

when it comes to the role of heat preservation nail in building external wall thermal insulation construction, a lot of friends first thought must be fixed. Yes, this a primary role is in a fixed thermal insulation construction of thermal insulation board, to prevent the loss, to ensure the heat preservation effect. In fact in the thermal insulation construction, not only can use nails, special adhesive glue is one of the alternative materials. Is sometimes easier to dry glue, paste the effect better than with nails to fixed, so we still suggest you use nail to fixed.

in addition, now the construction insulation nails are mostly used in the metal material, and it is aluminous material, its heat preservation effect is obvious to all, and aluminum heat preservation nail won't corrode, its low thermal conductivity, the heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation projects can also play a role, say so, the nail is a thermal insulation construction of the good helper!

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