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Building energy efficiency is also a technical energy conservation in key industries

by:MPS     2020-08-06
Also is the key of the technology of energy saving building energy saving industry, it includes many products, which include plasterboard, profile, low E glass, thermal insulation wall, curtain wall, solar building integration and intelligent building, etc. Among them, the northern new building materials in the field of gypsum board, has certain advantages, in the high-end, the plasterboard market such as new thermal insulation material polyurethane hard foam, as exterior wall thermal insulation material, the best energy saving rate of 60%. The relative construction cost will be increased by 5% to 7%. At present in our country, the use of exterior wall thermal insulation share accounted for only less than 10%. Using polyurethane hard foam external wall insulation system. Personal decoration users restricted by decorating a budget is hard to adopt energy-saving environmental protection material. In the absence of adequate price to attract, policies to promote as a primary influence, its policy of promoting building energy efficiency and subsidies, affect the cost of energy-saving building and traditional building materials. In addition the construction industry environment and building energy conservation idea promotion outside the effects, fluctuations in prices of raw materials also affect its profit margins. The more 'advanced' wall thermal insulation material ( Pu) , curtain wall and so on are faced with the energy conservation knowledge popularization need. In addition, the photovoltaic building integrated subject to the supply of raw materials is difficult to implement, in 2010 the government subsidies for its strength has also dropped.
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