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Building energy efficiency design and standard gap is big

by:MPS     2020-07-21
According to the ministry of construction on January 18, in the conclusion of the scio news conference, new buildings in our country has a basic implementation according to the energy conservation design standard, increasing the proportion of the energy saving buildings. Served as an architect, the WSP energy ( China) Chief representative Zou Jiayuan have different opinions, 'Beijing is building energy-saving do best city in China, but if according to strict standards, there is hardly a building energy-saving building can be called'. By the ministry of public data show that by the end of 2006, around the construction projects at the design stage performing in proportion to the energy efficiency design standard for 95. The proportion of 7%, construction implement energy-saving design standards for 53. 8%. Vice minister of construction qiu baoxing told the media said that by the end of 2006, our country has built energy-saving building area 10. Energy-saving building area of 600 million square meters, but accounted for only 7% of the area of the existing buildings in cities and towns across the country. 'The current domestic there is deviation on understanding of energy-efficient buildings, a lot of people think to a building as much as possible to increase the energy saving technology, the building energy saving. The actual is not the case. 'Zou Jiayuan said, the technique of simple superposition is used, rather than to increase the effect of energy saving, it may increase building energy consumption. In Zou Jiayuan eyes, building energy conservation is not only see a single building, with a comprehensive environmental and other factors to consider, consider the overall planning in a region. 'Any building is not independent, is influence each other between building and construction, building the space between is actually a microenvironment. This environment is energy conservation and environmental protection in the first place. Then whether monomer building design and construction of energy saving, the last is whether the use of various materials in the process of building energy saving. 'Building designer, PTW director yellow man in China, used to work for 6 years in Australia, began in 2005 in Beijing resident, participated in the water cube, the Olympic village and so on. , he thought, the Chinese government has introduced a building energy efficiency standard, is also quite strict. If the specification can be executed completely, China will have a great progress in energy saving.
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