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Any engineers can help install insulation fasteners ?
The installation of our insulation fastener is simple if you follow the guidance of our instruction manual or demonstration pictures and video step by step. But if you encounter problems during installation, please contact us immediately in case of wrong installation and damage of products. Call us, email us, or leave us a message online. Our service team is always ready to offer attentive and responsive customer service and professional technical support. What we are always pursuing is to provide every customer with satisfactory and considerable service.

Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is the preferred choice of manufacturing self adhesive insulation pins. We have received many compliments on the Chinese market. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of silica fabrics for customers. MPS self tapping metal screws has passed a range of specific tests and assessments. They can include energy consumption measurements, energy efficiency assessments, power management features, etc. Between its pins and bases, there is firm conjunction. It has a suitable level of air permeability. Type of yarn, fabric structure, and fiber parameters all contribute to this property. One of its materials is aluminum which makes it of strong corrosion resistance.

As the high expectations of MPS, we try our best to serve insulation pin. Inquire now!
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