Anti-corrosion insulation nails good qualities

by:MPS     2020-11-14

with the progress of science and technology, heat preservation industry also appears more and more important, the heat preservation nail also got very good development opportunities, the corrosion type thermal insulation nails, builders' unanimous esteem, anti-corrosion insulation nails excellent features summary is below.

1。 In the construction process, heat preservation nail is no season limit, also can undertake construction normal even in winter, and don't have to worry about the performance will be affected; And once the construction after the completion of the welding, heat preservation nail won't fall off easily, to a certain extent, improve the construction quality.

2。 Use anti-corrosion insulation nails after welding heat preservation cotton surface is relatively smooth, overall appearance neat, and can be in any need to install the insulation fixed place, and in any shape can be performed on the ventilation pipe of heat preservation nail construction.

3。 Using a heat preservation nail can effectively save the material, you can use the coil, improving the quality of the insulation, and with a welding heat preservation nail welding 40 per minute, without heat preservation nail set to continue the construction. And also because of this, can effectively reduce the construction workers work high time and frequency, safe and fast.

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