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Anchor bolt technology quality control measures are what aspects should be paid attention to

by:MPS     2020-08-11
Anchor bolt embedded work directly influences the quality of the follow-up of the quality of construction equipment, steel structure installation, quality control to prevent the happening of the disease, effective technical measures should be taken for the prevention and control of the quality common fault. 1, the embedded anchor bolts offset quality common fault causes: 1) Embedded without precision, measurement error; 2) When pouring concrete extrusion displacement; 3) Construction machinery such as collision dislocation; 2, the construction control measures: 1) When embedded bolt positioning, workshop if from the first axis measurement axis to the last one, easy to have accumulated error. Starting from the central axis to measuring unreeling points on both sides; 2) Equipment foundation embedded bolt spacing dimension group axis in accordance with the requirements of design. 3) Embedded bolt fastening positioning group using positioning steel boards, to ensure that each group of the embedded bolt spacing dimensions, verticality, embedded depth, exposed screw length. 4) Embedded anchor bolts as far as possible not with beam steel welded together, the other set fixed system, a set of independent type steel tube fixed well. Concrete pouring to retest, immediately after the completion of found deviation treatment; 5) Construction technical personnel on the basis of construction drawings, before the installation of anchor bolt and the construction scheme, the blue prints. the design to construction work personnel level 3 technical disclosure. 6) To allow the anchor bolt installation deviation according to the specification requirements are as follows: bolt center distance ( At the top and the root in two measurement) ±2. 0 mm bolt center for basic axis distance plus or minus 2. 0 mm top elevation + 20. 08) To bolt in a timely manner, after the completion of embedded retaining, make finished products protection; Butter on embedded anchor bolts of silk mouth protection, adding plastic case. 3, 1) raw material quality control , anchor bolt and positioning steel plate after approach should be by construction unit, supervision, total package, common to the quality, quantity, and relevant technical data such as a serious check acceptance, found the problem in a timely manner to the manufacturer and the construction unit, and make records. 2) Anchor bolt and nut, washer and so on standard accessories varieties, specification, type, quantity, material material in strict accordance with the design requirements for production, and products meet national standards, and shall have the corresponding product certificate, test report and other quality documents. 3) Anchor bolt wire must be smooth round mouth, can not have missing teeth, the phenomena of tooth, silk mouth length must be guaranteed according to the requirements of design. 4) Embedded in the case of end plate anchor, anchor bolt should be in the center of the end plate hole plug welding, 04 g362 gb requirements in accordance with the plug welding requirements. Never put the screw on the side panel welding. 5) Positioning steel plate produced by the requirement, set its breed model according to the requirements of the embedded bolt set design production, steel bushing plate bolt diameter according to the design of bolt diameter + 1 mm. 6) Experienced and qualified anchor bolt should be properly kept, must ensure that rain, rust and prevent loss, and clearly marked. Bolt wire mouth with plastic protection, avoid damaged in the process of storage, handling bolts of silk.
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