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Aluminum bar for safety

by:MPS     2020-11-14

aluminum heat preservation nail is mainly used in construction industry at present stage in the external wall thermal insulation construction, its complete specifications, performance, stability, effective anti-aging, corrosion resistance, wet moisture to keep the service life of the building materials, to make it better contribute to consumer security interests.

the first heat preservation nail is mainly composed of three parts, the first part is the casing made of nylon, because nylon has very low thermal conductivity, so it can effectively energy saving in cold winter, there won't be cold bridge. The second part is the galvanized steel casing use screw, prevention of this kind of new screw has a strong degeneration, even to produce deformation and loading will not easily and use galvanized steel screws can effectively prevent corrosion and prolong the service life of the heat preservation nail; The third part is the nylon disc, it can be used in the gland insulation board, combined closely with the three parts can carry on the exterior wall stable fixation.

in order to improve the security of exterior wall thermal insulation system, we have to improve its performance, can make it work better, for you to bring security, make you safe.

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