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Advantages of Metal Insulation pins

Corrosion resistance meets the requirements of specifications and schedule. The process is described as follows:

1.No seasonal restriction.
The welding of thermal insulation pins is not controlled by the temperature of the construction site. Welding in winter and at any temperature will not affect the welding quality.

2.Firm and reliable
Once the welding is completed, the insulation pins will not fall off naturally, thus effectively ensuring the construction quality.

3. pleasing in appearance
Because the length of the pins is the same, the surface of the welded insulation cotton is flat, clean and beautiful.

4.Wide range of applications
All areas where fixed insulation needs to be installed can be used.

5.Formless restriction
Welding on ventilation ducts of any shape can ensure the quality of construction, especially in the construction of round air pipes, which can show unparalleled superiority.

6.Saving in material
The coiled material can be used, which can save the insulation cotton and reduce the joint, thus saving the construction cost and improving the thermal insulation quality.

7.Monkey time.
A maximum of 40 pins per minute can be welded and fixed by welding while laying insulation cotton without waiting for the solidification time of the pins.

8.Safe and simple construction
Since the construction method of one-off installation is adopted, it reduces the time and times of aerial work of the constructors, and makes the construction more safe and faster.

9.Reduce process   
Because it is a welding insulation pins, the cleanliness of the ventilation pipe surface is not high, especially in the place where the construction environment is relatively bad. This process can prevent the insulation pins from falling off.

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