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Acoustic detecting pipe casting small basic common sense

by:MPS     2020-07-02

small acoustic detecting pipe casting the basic common sense

acoustic detecting pipe casting production adopts a perfect resin sand production line, adopt resin sand, epc, acoustic detecting pipe casting material for high quality high strength cast iron HT250 - 300, tensile resistance is strong, high dimensional accuracy, uniform, travel box, castings without flash, burr. Surface smoothness is close to precision casting, internal structure stability.

piece up to 50 tons, annual output 10000 tons. Including lathe bed, table, column, longmen, connecting beam, counterweight iron.

sound tube lathe bed casting the whole production process of pollution-free, three-level environmental protection, can eliminate or reduce the casting defects such as sand holes, gas is empty. The overall heat treatment is heated for artifacts as a whole, and then cooling at the appropriate speed, to change its overall mechanical properties of metal heat treatment process.

acoustic detecting pipe casting overall 600 degrees - artificial annealing heat treatment And natural aging 2-700 degrees Three years) Make the precision of the product stability, wear-resisting performance is good.

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