About the matters of attention in the nylon rods procurement

by:MPS     2020-06-18

better nylon rods prospects for the development of the industry, the company is engaged in the industry, recognized and accepted by consumers, nylon rods mainly used in the field of our industrial construction, in use process now, improvement of living standards, promote the development of the industry, we simply look at the quality of our nylon rods to distinguish good or bad:

nylon rods used more and more widely, and many local are in use today. If you are a qualified purchasing people before purchasing must understand all aspects of the nylon rods. Of course, many places are now on the matters of attention in the nylon rods procurement.

outstanding wear resistance: its friction coefficient is usually to 0. 1 - 0. 3, about a quarter of bakelite. Babbitt one-third, so it is a kind of self-lubricating material.

good mechanical performance, its surface hardness, and have higher tensile, flexural strength and impact strength and high delay, its compressive strength and metal, its fatigue strength with the same level of the metal materials such as cast iron and aluminum alloy.

excellent chemical stability, its chemicals both weak base, alcohol, ester, copper, hydrocarbon oils are not affected.

cold heat resistance: it's in - 60 ° c cases can keep a certain mechanical strength and heat resistance temperature - in 80 100°c。

the proportion of light: the proportion of it in 1. 05 - 1. Between 15.

nylon appearance of milky white to light yellow, not including mechanical impurities and surface moisture uniform particle, particle size greater than 40 grain/g granules contain no greater than 2%, with small black spots is characterized by ductile, seismic, has high mechanical strength and heat resistance, impact strength, high melting point, good processing can, water absorption, saturated water absorption rate at about 11%, fusible in sulfuric acid phenol or formic acid, low temperature embrittlement temperature is 20 degrees below zero - 30 degrees.

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