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A heat preservation nail defective goods

by:MPS     2020-08-16

now many builders to complain, said some insulation quality is not very good, and we also do some kind of heat preservation nail manufacturers, says the main reason of the defective goods was because of raw materials, injection molding machine mold, and intentional adulteration.

if it is on the raw materials out of the problem is relatively more troublesome, because it produces heat preservation nail, there is no tension, will seriously affect the construction quality, so it need us manufacturers in the choice of raw materials to refer to the parameters, don't choose the inferior material, to avoid a situation ten percent will be broken.

there is a plastic injection machine mould also need our attention, in the process of production need to clean up the mold in the remaining raw material, often can appear otherwise incomplete, not sticky, inflation, caused by heat preservation nail can't normal use.

there is a reason is that some merchants adulteration, which the unqualified products as qualified products mixed in, in order to maximize interests, this is also what we don't want to see most.

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