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2010 fasteners events inventory of the top ten keywords

by:MPS     2020-08-15
< P> is over 2010, this year, the global economic recovery, China fastener industry in an uncertain environment covered in 2010. Industry, in general, the economic situation improved, the enterprise is able to steady development, transformation and upgrading is still continue. Back at the past, to summarize experience and lessons, in order to better move, Look forward to the future, we can draw the outline of development blueprint, thereby making more efforts in the direction of the. On the end of the tail and head of the, for you to serve the 2010 fastener inventory series, in order to explore the path of the industry development, share with colleagues in the industry. Recovery < / P> < P> when the financial crisis, fastener industry colleagues to talk about the most is the 'winter', when the crisis receding, the global economy begins to recover, in early 2010, the development of China's fastener industry finally back on track, everyone say most is 'thaw' : < / P> < P> dongtai Warwick's performance this year than in previous years have improved considerably and production program arranged by the middle of December, is expected this year's sales of nearly 1. 500 million; Wuxi AnShiDa sales increased almost 50% in the first half of this year, at present, the company's factories are at full capacity; Zhejiang aozhan sales also increase over the previous year, this year is expected to reach more than 600 million in sales in 2010; Jiashan the sheng's performance this year than last year rose by 30% - Annual sales of nearly 1 of 40%, expected this year. < / P> < P> it is predicted that this year fasteners can be up to a total of 6 million tons 5. 3 million tons rose by more than 10% over 2009. Overall, 2010 China fastener industry positive momentum, the growth of the enterprise widespread welcome orders, export growth momentum. < / P> < P> for industry development prospects in the future, the personage inside course of study thinks, the recovery will continue, and likely will be accelerated, because the new energy industries such as automobiles, high-speed rail, wind pull effect will gradually appear. In addition, the world trade organization (wto) panel ruling published reports, that the eu anti-dumping measures against imports from China fasteners and related provisions inconsistent with wto rules, it a good means our fastener enterprises is expected to return to the eu market. < / P> < P> of course, the risk of the current global economic recession. Due to the debt crisis in Europe, the United States quantitative easing monetary policy, the RMB exchange rate fluctuation, the influence of factors such as barriers to international trade, the development of the international market may be slow, so the export-oriented fastener enterprises shall make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible, otherwise may face relatively tough market situation in the future. < / P> < P> appreciate < / P> < P> since this year the People's Bank of China announced on June 19, to further promote the reform of RMB exchange rate formation mechanism, restart revaluation, since a few months, the RMB appreciation of nearly 3%. The yuan against the dollar once close to 6. Since the 62 mark, set in 2005. < / P> < P> near the end of the RMB exchange rate still appear 'struggle' in the volatile. China's state information citic published in 2011, the report said, the yuan will continue to rise against the dollar, depreciation against the euro, the yen will ended, turn into the appreciation of the interval; RMB exchange rate against the us, Europe and Japan have comprehensive appreciation. < / P> < P> the appreciation of the renminbi means that inhibits and hurt exports, export prices will rise, cost pressures will be relatively larger. As is known to all, China's fastener industry has been in a high dependency of foreign trade, industry average profit margin is low, the situation of low value-added products, the appreciation of the renminbi for fasteners export enterprises rely on cost advantage is undoubtedly a big shock, it will squeeze profit margins, but now we have been unable to independently choose whether RMB appreciation, how to resolve the pressure when more problems should be considered. < / P>
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