2010 fastener inventory of the top ten keywords 1 big events

by:MPS     2020-07-31
< P> in the case of foreign exchange markets fluctuate frequently, for import and export enterprises, try to use renminbi, or the use of foreign exchange forward for preservation, avoid exchange rate risk, is a relatively safe choice. In addition, the fastener enterprises want to get rid of the plight, the key is in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise itself, and started the brand, increase product added value, increase price. Oscillating < / P> < P> < / P> < P> in 2010, arguably the most frequently in a year of steel prices change, in hong kong-listed China '3 tall one low' ( The high production, high inventory, high cost, low price) Characteristic under the influence of steel prices has been up and down, falling down rose up, run, fluctuated. < / P> < P> in iron ore prices expected, driven by steel mills by the rising cost pressure, to transfer cost by increasing steel factory price pressure, wave after wave of steel mills in recent months boom has shown upward pressure on steel prices has already begun to transfer cost. < / P> < P> throughout the overall trend of the steel prices in 2010 presents a concussion higher trend, the industry is generally believed that at the beginning of the end of this year and next year, or even a longer period of time, China's hong kong-listed will range fluctuations, prices fall phenomenon will reappear, steel prices will gradually push up in the bottom. < / P> < P> the main raw materials for steel for fasteners, about 50% of the price - 60%, steel prices fall always affects China fastener enterprises, from the current situation analysis of the market, as the steel prices rise further, fasteners, companies will have to face profit diluted, coupled with the current industry competition heats up, fastener enterprises in addition to the price increases this retreat, transformation and upgrading may be a major breakthrough. Anti-dumping duties on < / P> < P> < / P> < P> ( 1) The world trade organization (wto) concluded that the eu anti-dumping measures fasteners violations < / P> < P> on December 3, 2010, the world trade organization (wto) panel ruling report released in Geneva, to support the claims, as the eu anti-dumping measures against imports from China fasteners and related regulations in conformity with the wto rules. < / P> < P> in a case that is ten years since China's entry into WTO, and for the first time and the European Union trade disputes to the WTO. According to the report, the European Union on December 22, 1995 by about protection of the relevant provisions of the eu countries from non-eu countries dumping and 26 January 2009 through to imports from China on the provisions of the fasteners, formal anti-dumping taxes, some terms and according to the terms of the corresponding measures in conformity with the wto rules. According to the report, the European Union is the infringement of the rights of China should, is adjusted according to the world trade organization (wto) rules for eu rules. < / P> < P> the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, head of the treaty, said a long time, the eu has asked China to export enterprises in the anti-dumping investigations prove that conform to the requirements of the eu so-called 'individual tax rate', the Chinese enterprise anti-dumping litigation-responding caused serious burden and unfair treatment. The world trade organization (wto) panel ruling makes clear that the eu's anti-dumping legislation and practice are discriminatory and a violation of the wto rules. And under the judgement of the fasteners case, the WTO panel is likely in the case of shoe products in a separate tax rate to the same conclusion on the issue. < / P> < P> in November 2007, the European Union on imports of Chinese iron or steel fasteners ( Except stainless steel) An anti-dumping investigation, and on February 1, 2009 the official duties of up to 87%, over five years. On July 31, 2009, China is the eu's anti-dumping measures the filed the request for consultations under the wto dispute settlement mechanism. < / P> < P> ( 2) The Ministry of Commerce to the European Union's import carbon steel fasteners, 6. 1% to 26. 0% anti-dumping duties < / P> < P> on June 28, 2010, 40, 2010 announcement of commerce, announced on import carbon steel fasteners originating in the eu anti-dumping investigation of the final decision. Investigation organs that is native to the eu's imports by dumping investigation products, domestic carbon steel fasteners industry suffered substantial damage, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and material injury, and determine since June 29, 2010, 6 on the product imports from the eu. 1% to 26. 0% of anti-dumping duties, term of five years. The product to the law of the People's Republic of China on import and export tariff of the people: 73181200, 73181400, 73181500, 73182100 and 73182200. Product name: carbon steel fasteners ( English name for CertainIronorSteelFasteners) 。 < / P> < P> the personage inside course of study thinks, the Ministry of Commerce this move was on February 1, 2010, the European commission on imports of Chinese steel fasteners anti-dumping duties of up to 87%, to a certain extent, to China's domestic fastener industry transformation and upgrading has created a favorable environment. < / P>
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