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Main Products

The products are the most popular star products of our company in the global usiness. Self stick base is made up from 2"×2" metal base with a double faced tape attached a metal nail, peel the release paper on the base and firmly press the pin to the place where need to install insulation, work with the self locking washers or Dome caps to fasten the insulation materials. Cup head pins is a weld type of insulation fastener, it simplify the permanent installtion of duct liner or other insulation materials to the sheet metal of duct work or other HVAC sheet metal Housings. The Lacing Anchor is a insulation fastener used in the fabrication of lacing blankets or removable blanket. Solar Panel Mesh Clips constructed from 303 and 304 Stainless Steel for maximum endurance to outdoor elements, easily attaches to the solar panel frames. CD weld pin is a weld type insulation fastener in combination with self locking washing, that are applied with welding or equipment. Perforated base insulation hangers used for installing all kinds of Various thermal and acoustical insulation materials, work with the self locking washers or Dome caps to fasten the insulation materials. These Insulation Pins and related products widely used in HVAC, shipyards, boilers, power plants, oil and gas, turbine insulation, etc.

Self Adhesive Pins

Insulation Perforated Pins

Insulation CD Weld Pins

Insulation Quilting Pins

Insulation Lacing Anchors

Solar Panel Mesh Clips

Insulation Cup Head Pins

About MPS


Melparts Precision Manufacturing Co.,Limited was registered in 2008 , which is a company manufacturing and sales of Insulation Fasteners. Our headquarter is located in  Zhongxinbao Industrial park, Pinghu Town, Longgang District. Shenzhen, China. We own brand “MPS” for our insulation fasteners and are concentrating on the research and manufacture of insulation fasteners, include CD Weld Pins, Cup Head Weld Pins, Perforated Base Pins, Self Adhesive Pins, SS Lacing Anchors, Self Locking Washer, Dome Caps. They are widely used in Industrial and Commercial insulation, such as Marine insulation. Duct insulation, boiler insulation, equipment insulation and building insulation etc. All MPS insulation fasteners are manufactured by automatic production. We have been working on continuous innovation, open cooperation in the insulation fasteners field, so that we could provide quality products, excellent services and solution for our customers.

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We have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements. And our produtcs are certified to ensure the quality.

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