10 waterproofing materials as value

by:MPS     2020-07-26
< P> asphalt waterproof coiled material and paper linoleum, banning the use of coal tar sands surface waterproof coiled material; Sealing material: cement application acrylate sealing materials ( Midrange) , strongly advocated used polysulfide, high-grade sealing material such as silicone, polyurethane, positive research application of sealing material is special bottom coating, in order to improve the bonding strength and water resistance and durability of the sealing material. Oil of banning the use of plastic, PVC seal material such as cement; Waterproofing agent, waterproofing agent, consolidate the application for general advocate M1500 water penetration waterproofing agent and condensate ( DPS) , the popularization and application of organic silicone water-proofing agent and fatty acid waterproofing agent. 1 limit the use of high content of chlorine ion waterproofing agent, to ban the use of excess levels of alkali aggregate powder waterproofing agent; Synthetic polymer waterproof coiled material: cement application of PVC and epdm waterproofing materials, advocate a molding polyethylene polypropylene ( Polyester, polypropylene) Waterproofing materials and polymer cement bond system, speed up the research development of wet shop law self-bonding into polymer waterproofing materials, restrict the use of chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing materials, eliminating reclaimed rubber waterproofing materials. < / P> < P> affect waterproof 10 waterproof material industry development, according to expert introduction, and waterproof coating, consolidate the application of polyurethane waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating, cement based waterproof coating, advocate cement-based permeable crystallization type waterproof material and organic silicon waterproof coating, development and application of spray polyurea polyurethane waterproof coating, the application of high solid content water based asphalt waterproof coating was studied, the popularization and application luqiao waterproof coating, waterproof coating, such as special purpose to ban the use of a pollution coal-tar waterproof coating; Waterproof thermal insulation material: cement, extrusion, molding of polystyrene and mortar exterior insulation system, and actively promote application of spraying rigid polyurethane waterproof thermal insulation material, the appropriate application development powder polystyrene particles insulation mortar system, restrict the use of expanded vermiculite and expansion perlite bibulous rate high thermal insulation material. Banning the use of loose materials insulation layer; Grouting material: foundation reinforcement with cement-based grouting materials, the structure reinforcement using cement base epoxy grouting material, especially the low viscosity and wet curing epoxy grouting material, waterproof plugging is made of super early QiangZiLiu flat and polyurethane acrylate grouting cement grouting material, according to different engineering conditions of composite grouting is recommended for the process. Banning the use of acrylamide gel and toxic pollution grouting material; Waterproof mortar: positive application of polymer cement waterproof mortar, advocating the polypropylene fiber ( PP) And nylon fiber and wood fiber anti-cracking waterproof mortar, the application of zeolites siliceous close-grained waterproofing agent, promoting goods mortar ( Waterproof, thermal insulation, anticorrosion, bond, caulking their equality dedicated mortar) ; Bentonite waterproof material: positive natural waterproof material of application - Sodium base bentonite waterproof materials, the specific varieties of bentonite in water expansion, bentonite waterproof of water stop plate and bentonite and bentonite waterproof blanket the powdery waterproof material; Special waterproof material: choose metal waterproofing materials, research and application of cultural relics protection special waterproof coating. < / P>
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